Sclerotherapy effectively treats spider veins anywhere on the body. Thread veins are tiny little dilated blood vessels just below the skin. They can be blue or mauve in colour, some big or some small, they can flare out or be in a cluster. They can occur anywhere on the body, face, legs, back, belt lines, or thighs all can be safely treated with sclerotherapy.

  • What causes thread veins?

    There are several theories regarding their cause. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or the menopause. They can often be associated with underlying venous conditions such as Varicose veins. If you are prone to bruising, often the bruise will go, however it will leave behind a crop of unsightly thread veins.

  • Treatment

    There are several different ways in which to treat thread veins, however in our experience one of the best ways is through injection of a sclerosing solution which irritates the lining of the vein causing it to collapse shut. This can take a few treatments, leaving approx four weeks between the treatments but once the vein has collapsed it will not come back so the treatment is PERMANENT , however, sclerotherapy DOES NOT PREVENT OTHER VEINS OCCURRING. The treatment involves a tiny needle injection into the vein itself. Depending on how many veins are to be treated it will take approx ¾ of an hour. Treatments are repeated at 4 week intervals. Most leg veins require 2-4 treatments. No bandages or support stockings are required after the treatment, however the veins will look red and angry for several days following the treatment and it is advisable to apply aloe gel to cool them.



Small area £80

Full leg £200
Follow ups £150

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