What is Plexr?

Plexr is a multiple certified plasma generator for skin sublimation with excellent results for excess skin removal. For anyone suffering with skin lesions, and not wanting a surgical solution then Plexr Soft Surgery could be the solution for you!

Plexr Soft Surgery is a unique treatment that works through the process of sublimation. It causes the contraction, shortening, and tightening of skin fibres into a crust, however it does not go deep enough to cause scaring or damage to the underlying tissues.

What can it be used for?

  • Skin tags

  • Acne (active &scarring)

  • Tattoo removal

  • Warts/Moles*/Verruca/Age spots

  • Xanthelasma (yellow flat plaques on eyelid)

  • Seborrheic keratosis (skin barnacles)

  • Scarring/ Keloid

*Please note that a Doctor’s letter is required before mole removal procedures with Plexr.

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Stephanie Louise Clinic

The Rivers Hospital

CHIC Face and Body

Plexr - Skin lesion removal per area



£60- £100

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