Sculptra is also known as the liquid face lift, it is very different from the traditional fillers and Botox treatments in that it stimulates the production of YOUR OWN COLLAGEN. Thus giving subtle/natural results over time. As we know, with age our collagen production diminishes dramatically, thus we can suffer huge volume losses, causing lines, wrinkles and jowels to appear. Sculptra is POLLY L LACTIC ACID. This is a product that kick starts the body to produce the collagen that is beginning to tail off.

  • Are the results immediate?

    Because the product is a collagen stimulant, the results are not instant. The treatments are spaced around 6 weeks apart. Some visible improvement s can be seen within the first few weeks , but Sculptra is designed to deliver its unique effects within an average of 2-3 treatment sessions over a course of a few months. Because the production of new collagen formation is a gradual process each treatment session will yield results that are more noticeable. Sculptra is a long term treatment, with results lasting 2-3 years. Usually at 18 month intervals another vial can be given to keep the effect going, however your practitioner will advise you.

  • Does the treatment hurt?

    As with all injections you will probably feel some discomfort. Ice packs are normally applied to the skin prior to cause a local anaesthetic effect and to lessen the chance of bruising. The product is mixed with local anaesthetic to avoid discomfort at the time of treatment. Taking Arnica tablets a few weeks before treatment can be beneficial in prevention of bruises .

  • Are there any side effects?

    Providing the after care instructions regarding daily massaging are carried out for approx 1 month following treatment side effects are unlikely, However, as stated previously immediately following treatment there may be swelling and or bruising .


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